Ing. Alessandro Tasora

Software engineering

Here you can find some useful resources about software engineering
C++ language

Here you can find some useful resources about C++ programming 
(slides, on-line books, exercises, etc.)
C++ compilers
Free Integrated Editors (IDE)

I suggest to use Microsoft VisualStudio Express IDE (see above) that is free. However there are other integrated editors that can be used to edit source code (C++ or other languages). They can be configured the C++ compilers above.
Free GUI toolkits

How to add a GUI (graphical user interface) to your program? If you want
free and platform-independent technologies, here are some possible solutions:
Collaborative development and versioning

Multiple software developers can collaborate and share source code, using these resources:
Free installation tools

How to make an installer (ex: a Setup.exe) for your program ? Here is a great solution:
Other resources

Some resources about software engineering and developement.