HW concept Team lead by Paolo Righettini
Device designers Steven Chatterton, Alessandro Tasora, Hermes Giberti, Gianluca Olgiati
Control software developers Paolo Righettini, Hermes Giberti
Enterprise Gamma - PC - Italy
Status completed, currently working
Year From 2004 on.. (completed 2005)

The GHIBLI device is a full-digital-authority assembly line. By means of motion about 13 interpolated axes, this machine builds heating coils for hairdryers.

The control system is based on Linux Real Time OS, running on an industrial PC which controls 13 brushless motors and dozens of pneumatic actuators with two CAN-open buses. Control frame runs on millisecond basis, with deterministic real-time control of all motor positions.

Aiming at high precision and repeatability, most parts of the machine have been cut with electro-discharge machining (wire EDM).

Hundreds of parts are made of pre-quenched steel or 'diamond steel', with details as small as few tenths of mm, because very miniaturized, highly abrasive pieces must be manipulated.

Further secret details cannot be discussed, for a non-disclosure agreement.

Early, partial view of the GHIBLI device (2004, work in progress)

One of the sub-systems of the GHIBLI assembly line: the eight-fingers rotating picker (concept A.Tasora)

Special thanks to Castelli, Lupi and Rolleri, the guys at GAMMA which build and mounted the parts of the GHIBLI - they are really able to cut the most precise and oddly-shaped parts on the Earth :)