HW concept Team lead by Alessandro Tasora
Device designers Alessandro Tasora, Marco Silvestri, Alessandro Pirondi, Matteo Vettori
Enterprise Emme TI - PR - Italy
Year 2005-2006

This flying device is aimed at picking large amounts of boxes or bottles from conveyor belts.

The entire device, which is very large (almost 2m wide), must be mounted on the end-effector flange of a tall top-loader robot, which moves the payload here and there. Hence, special care has been paid in designing a lightweight, yet stiff, structure.

Thank to a special design, not fully visible in these picture, the surrounding frame can change the length and width of the picked layer, in a seamless, compact and automatic way, using digitally-controlled motors.

Further secret details cannot be discussed, for a non-disclosure agreement.

Inner view of the robot head. (Many parts are hidden in this drawing.)

Inner parts of the robot head, when the frame is resized. (Many parts are hidden in this drawing.)