Realtime simulation of vehicles

Team Alessandro Tasora (UniversitÓ degli Studi di Parma)
Status Work in progress
Year From 2007 to present..

The physics software that I develop can be used to perform real-time simulation of vehicles.
The real-time goal poses strict constraints on the performance of the solver, that must be as fast as possible. Also, algorithmic robustness is another important issue.

As usual, I use my software Chrono::Engine for developing the C++ application that does the simulation.

In detail, aiming at the optimization of a SAE racing car, a custom C++ simulator has been developed based on that library, and it runs at an interactive rate with 13 rigid body per each car model (it features double-wishbones suspensions, push rods with rockers and nonlinear springs, dampers, steering system, hubs, wheels with 3D contact, gear, etc.).

Another type of vehicle simulation is shown in the following simple animation, where the user can interact with a 3D car model in the editor of the Realsoft3D modeler that uses my plugin Chrono::R3D: