Concept Alessandro Tasora, Piero Simeone
Device designers Francesco Conti
Lab Piero Simeone - Roma - Italy
Year 2006

Articulators are devices used by dentists and technicians to perform teeth reconstructions. Such mechanism can simulate the occlusion movement of maxilla/mandibula in a lab, using teeth casts.

We proposed a novel type of incisal table for ARCON-type articulators, exploiting adjustable curvature in order to give a more realistic simulation of the 'biological' occlusion, with special emphasis on the protrusion movement.

This novel incisal table can be mounted on commercial articulators, and can be easily adjusted by suing some knobs.
The device has been patented (international patent, owner P.Simeone).

Further secret details cannot be discussed, because of a non-disclosure agreement.

The novel incisal table.

The novel incisal table.