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Alessandro Tasora

Prof. Ing.

Associate professor (Applied mechanics)

Università degli Studi di Parma,
Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Architettura
Parma, Italy.
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About me

I am Associate Professor at the University of Parma, where I lead the DigitalDynamics Lab.

I am the founder of Project Chrono, one of the most used multi-physics simulation libraries.

My research focuses on computational mechanics: numerical methods for large scale multibody and FEA problems, formulations for contact problems and non-smooth dynamics, real time simulation. Other research areas: robotics, computer graphics, tribology.



Member of IACM, International Association for Computational Mechanics.
Member of the ASME and member of ASME technical committee TC-MSDN.
Member of the Editorial board of Multibody System Dynamics (Springer).
Member of the Editorial board of Mathematical Problems in Engineering.
Member of the Editorial board of International Journal of Vehicle Performance (IJVP).

Known languages

I am author of more than half a million of lines of C++ code.
Other programming languages that I know: C, C++, RPL, FORTH, Pascal, Basic, ROOPS, Java, Javascript, ECMA scripting, SQL, PHP, Matlab, Makefile, C++/CLI, Assembler, Python, C#.

Known APIs and SDKs: CUDA, MPI, Doxygen, SVN, CVS, GIT, Apache, LaTeX, CMake, Markdown, GNU tools, Android SDK, NET and COM interop, Matlab, Simulink, SciPy, NumPy, VTK, MPICH2, ParaView


My projects and initiatives

Project Chrono

I am the founder of CHRONO.
In collaboration with SBEL labs I am one of the main developers of the famous ProjectChrono simulation library.

Vehicle dynamics

I collaborate with Altair to deliver a library for real-time vehicle simulation and a next-gen visualization tool based on UnrealEngine. See video here.

Multibody summerschools

I have been organizing the International Multibody summer school at the University of Parma, since 2016. In collaboration with Politecnico di Milano

My home pages

My courses

Applied Mechanics

"Meccanica applicata"
Course material

Mechanics of Robots

"Meccanica dei robot"
Course material


"Modellazione e rendering per il design"
Course material

Vehicle dynamics

Dynamics and Compliant Control of Electric Vehicles
Course material

Computational Mechanics

(for PhD students)
Course material